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Local Craft and Typical Products

Maria da Silva is 53 years old and was born in Monchique, where, already from the age of six, she was taught the art and technique of crochet by the hands of her mother Felicidade. The artisan, who has 48 years of experience, combines colours, patterns and materials with lightness and precision. She works exclusively with Portuguese materials: the 100% cotton thread and the linen cloth come from factories in Vila Nova de Famalicão in the north of Portugal. It is possible to see Silvia’s work in the exhibition of artisans of Monchique at Fóia.
Rosário is 58 years old, is originally from Monchique and worked in the Caixa Agrícola bank in the town before discovering her passion for craft work and the versatility of a 100% Portuguese material: cork. As an artisan, she is inspired by the flora and fauna around her and by the changing seasons of the year that accompany her. The objects she makes are for daily use (small bags, hooks and markers) as well as decorative (wind chimes and masks). It is possible to see the work of Rosário in the exhibition of artisans of Monchique at Fóia.
Georg is 57 years old and comes from Germany, where he learned the stonemason’s trade at the age of 17. A decade later, he arrived in Monchique, where he bought some land. Since then, for the past 30 years, he has worked as a stonemason in the presence of this mountain range: in his sculptures made of marble, copper and steel we rediscover the soft curves of the mountains, the valleys carved out of the mountainsides and the serpentine paths of the rivers. His works can be admired on his website www.georgscheele.com.
Leonel is 57 years old, is originally from Monchique and has worked as a potter for more than thirty years. He is inspired by his garden and a strong connection with the earth that is reflected in the making of ceramic pieces that portray landscapes from mountain ranges to the sea. The artisan uses a mixture of clay from Valencia and Caldas de Rainha that is fired at 1,180 degrees Celsius in his oven in the garden workshop. It is possible to see Lionel’s work in his studio in Monchique, by climbing the stairs surrounded by hydrangeas in Rua do Corro n ° 2.
Nuno, 44, was born in Portimão and chose the Serra de Monchique as a ‘peaceful place’ where he lives and finds inspiration for his work as a jeweller. He began his learning journey at the age of 18, when he travelled in Brazil, by learning techniques of working with wire in the Amazon. He followed this path as a craftsman in the jewellery schools of Seville and Madrid before becoming a professional craftsman at the age of 30. It is possible to see Nuno’s work at the workshop with the blue door in Caldas de Monchique.
Zé Domingos tem 72 anos, nasceu na Guena ao pé da Barragem de Odiáxere onde ainda hoje vive e trabalha na sua oficina, sentado na mesma cadeira que já o seu avô utilizava para os trabalhos artesanais. O artesão guarda em si uma sabedoria centenária que começou a pôr em prática quando deixou de trabalhar como jardineiro há cerca de 15 anos atrás: dedicou-se à confeção de colheres, copos e cachimbos em madeira de urze branca. É possível ver o trabalho de Zé na exposição de artesãos de Monchique, na Fóia.

N’Artecicus – Associação Profissional dos Artesãos e Artistas
Calçada de Santo António – Galeria de Santo António
8550-422 Monchique
Tel: 965 894 941
Collective Exhibition: Alto da Fóia

Casa dos Arcos
Rua da Estrada Velha, Monchique
Tel: 282 911 071

Arte Bongard
R. do Porto Fundo nº7, 8550-455 Monchique
Opening time: 10h30 – 17h30
Closed on Sundays
Tel: 924 220 574

Licores do Convento de Monchique
Rua do Porto Fundo nº 47, Monchique
Tel: 965894941

Casa Maio | Artesanato e Snack-Bar
Largo Pe da Cruz 4-5, Monchique
Opening time: 09h – 22h30
Open all days

Casa Alexandre
Miradouro das Caldas de Monchique, EN.266
Tel: 966 205 875

Leonel Telo – Cerâmicas
Escadas do Adro, 8550-422 Monchique
Opening time: 10h30-17h30
Tel: 914 240 595

Mel e Medronho
Largo dos Chorões nº 18, 8550-462 Monchique
Opening time: 10h- 18h
Tel: 910 022 003

Casa Amarela – Arte Decorativa
Largo dos Chorões nº 2, 8550- 429 Monchique
Tel: 282 912 186

Carreirinha das Moças, 8550- 497 Monchique
Tel: 966 296 467

Casa Zebra
Meia Viana, 8550-307 Monchique
Tel: 282 912 504

Artesanato Filomena
Rua Serpa Pinto nº20, Monchique
Tel: 966 084 904