1. Conditions of participation
1.1. Age of participation for walking in the marathon
Individuals aged from 18 to 75 can take part in the Monchique Mountain Marathon 2018 provided they are in good health and are both physically and mentally prepared for making an effort over a long period; the organisers accept no responsibility for any consequences caused by their participation and due to their physical shape.

1.2. Regularised registration
In order to collect the reflective vest with the marathon kit, walkers will be asked for their identification and proof of payment. The compulsory material (see marathon kit) will be checked when the kit is picked up.

1.3. Physical condition
In order to participate, it is essential that participants are in the physical condition that is necessary for this race, which combines cumulative elevation gain and uneven terrain.

1.4. Definition of the possibility of external help
In the Monchique Mountain Marathon 2017, walkers act in accordance with the principle of semi-autonomy. Semi-autonomy is defined as the capacity to be autonomous between two refreshment stations, both in terms of food and drinks, and in terms of clothing and safety.
Walkers must adapt themselves to imponderable problems that arise, whether foreseeable or not.
The principle of a marathon run in accordance with semi-autonomy involves the following rules:
– Each walker must carry all the compulsory material in the marathon kit throughout the race;
– This material must be transported in an appropriate backpack, and must be available for inspection by members of the organising body whenever so requested; if they do not have the material or do not consent to the inspection, they risk being penalised/disqualified;
– At the support and control stations (= “PAC” in Portuguese), (PAC Fornalha, Picota, Monchique, Adventure Park, Amarjão, Casais and Caldas de Monchique) food and drinks will be available for consumption at the site. No glasses, plates, spoons, forks or knives will be provided.
– Passing through the support and control stations is compulsory even if participants do not wish to take advantage of any kind of support. Not passing through a support and control station will mean that the participant will be disqualified.

1.5. Wearing the reflective vest
Walkers’ numbers are personal and not transferable, and must be worn on the vest. The number and the race sponsors may not be covered in any way. Athletes who do not use their vests will be warned. If there is a reoccurrence, the athlete will be penalised 10 minutes. If the vest is lost, the walker will be disqualified.

1.6. Rules on sporting conduct
All acts of the event must be guided by a complete sense of fair play, and, by accepting these regulations when they register, the organisers and competitors accept what is this sport’s cultural heritage: respect for the challenge, mutual assistance and respect for the other competitors, organisers and staff; respect for the natural environment in which the event is taking place, with the aim of having zero environmental impact.

2. The Race
2.1. Presentation of the race(s) / Organisers
The Monchique Mountain Marathon 2018 is organised by the association Caminhadas em Portugal (AcaminPor) (Walks in Portugal) in collaboration with the magazine ECO123 and sponsored by Monchique Municipal Council, GEA Waldviertler Werkstätten, Schrems (Austria), Intermarché Monchique, CP Comboios de Portugal, along with other local and regional supporters.

2.2. Programme / Timetable
30th December
06:00 – Opening of the secretariat, handing out of compulsory material and briefing;
06:30 – Start of the marathon in Caldas de Monchique;
12:00 -13:00 – Lunch at the Adventure Park
13:00 Archery
20.00 or earlier. End of the marathon in Caldas de Monchique

2.3. Distance of the marathon / Topographic profile
42.6 km along a circular route, with an archery contest at the Adventure Park. The cumulative elevation, ascents and descents, is 1,521 metres.

2.4. Map / description of the route
The race starts and finishes in the car park of Águas de Monchique in Caldas. The trail passes the peaks of Picota (776m), Monchique (450m) and Fóia (902m). The map of the route will be available at and in the marathon kit.

2.5. Time limit
The 42.6 km marathon has a time limit of 14 hours, walking.
For safety reasons – bad weather, fire, thunderstorm or another reason – the organisers reserve the right to modify the course or the distance to be walked or even to cancel the event. The Control Stations will be the principal information points to communicate technical decisions concerning the event to the competitors.

2.6. Methodology for time control
Control of walkers’ times will be done at the Control Points in Fornalha, Picota, Monchique, Fóia (Park), Amarjão, Casais and Caldas de Monchique.

2.7. Control points
There will be Control Points throughout the race. Not passing through the Control Points will lead to disqualification.

2.8. Refreshment stations
There will be seven Refreshment Stations along the route. The location of the stations will be marked on the map that will be published on the website in good time. Refreshments will also be available after the finishing line.

The refreshments will be in both solid and liquid form to be consumed at that location. When they leave the refreshment stations, each walker is responsible for having the quantity of drink they need to reach the next station.

2.9. Compulsory material / checks of the material
The compulsory material will be checked when the kit is collected, and it can also be checked throughout the race. The compulsory material consists of:

– waterproof A3 map
– reflective vest and t-shirt
– head frontal torch
– power snacks;
– first aid kit with plasters
– bottle for/with water
– mobile phone and whistle (the responsibility of the walker)

2.10. Information about passing through places where there is road traffic

Participants must bear in mind that the traffic will not be stopped on roads where vehicular traffic (e.g. in the town of Monchique!) is possible, and they must comply strictly with the rules that apply to pedestrians. Throughout the route, at the more technical parts and crossings, members of the organising body will be present to ensure the safety of all participants. In case of emergency, participants can call the emergency number that will be printed on the map.

2.11. Responsibilities of participants

All participants must act in a responsible manner towards their companions/other competitors and the environment.

2.12. Penalties / disqualifications
Participants who do not comply with the norms in the regulation will be prevented from participating if the infringement concerns the procedures prior to the start, and will be disqualified if the infringement concerns acts that occur while the event is in progress. In order to safeguard competitors’ right to appeal, they will be allowed to continue in the race.

All walkers will be penalised or disqualified who:

a) Do not comply with these regulations (disqualified);
b) Do not complete the whole route (disqualified);
c) Damage or dirty the environment through which they pass (disqualified);
d) Do not wear their vest in a visible manner (ten minute penalty);
e) Ignore the indications of the organisers (disqualified);
f) Display any unsporting behaviour (disqualified);
g) Do not carry the compulsory material (30 minutes per item).
h) Receive any kind of external assistance away from the Refreshment Stations (disqualified).

2.13. Sports insurance
Personal accident insurance is included in registration. The policy number and conditions will be communicated to walkers on the organisers’ website and will be published 24 hours before the start of the race.

2.14 Dropping out
If they drop out, walkers should preferably do so at one of the Refreshment Stations or Control Points, and must communicate the fact that they have dropped out to members of the organising body. If they have an accident and are unable to do this in person, they should immediately contact the organisers by telephone.

3. Registration
3.1. Registration process (website, bank transfer)
The maximum number of places available is 100. Registration is personal and non-transferable, and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Registrations will only be accepted via the website .

After electronic registration, a receipt will be issued with the name, fee/participation number and proof of ID and sent to the e-mail address provided. Only walkers who have paid for their registration will be included. The registration fee will not be refunded unless the race is cancelled in advance for reasons attributable to the organisers. The organisers will confirm receipt of the registration by e-mail in all cases. The accuracy of the data that is provided is the responsibility of the participants, including for insurance purposes.
No changes to the data provided by participants will be accepted after the close of registration (29th December 2018, 18:00).

3.2. Conditions for the refund of the registration fee
The registration fee will not be refunded unless the race is cancelled in advance for reasons attributable to the organisers. Registration is personal and non-transferable.

3.3. Material included with registration
Waterproof A3 map, reflective vest and t-shirt, head frontal torch, power snacks, first aid kit with plasters, bottle for water

3.4. Race secretariat/ times and locations
The secretariat will operate in a mobile unit (vehicle) between Caldas de Monchique and the Refreshment Stations, and will open on 30th December at 06:00 and will remain open until the end of the event.

3.5. Services available
The finishing line will be at the Fábrica de Águas (Water Factory) in Caldas de Monchique. The following support services will be available:

– WCs;
– light meals (to be paid for by walkers);
There will be an ambulance service and medical assistance throughout the route.

4. Categories and Prizes
4.1. Definition of the date, location and time of prize giving
Prizes will be presented after the arrival of all the walkers who complete

– the marathon (the winner will receive six points),
– after the archery (the winner will receive six points) and
– after the questionnaires have been completed (the winner will receive six points).

There will be three prizes for the participants who come in first, second and third place. The jury – comprising three members – will select those classified in the first three places. The three prizes will only be presented to the winners or their representatives on the following day, 31st December at 12.00 at the Restaurante Teresinha. The cost of sending the prizes by post/transport company will be the responsibility of the participants.
4.2. Deadline for appeals about classification
These can be submitted in writing up to two hours after the end of the marathon.

5. Image rights
Participants give the organising body permission to use their images recorded on video, television, photographic or any other media, for promotional or publicity purposes of the event itself and the organising body.

6. Final provisions
6.1. The organisers reserve the right to change the regulations in order to ensure the smooth operation of the Monchique Mountain Marathon 2017, and walkers will be notified of any such change.

6.2. All cases not covered by these regulations will be resolved by the organisers, whose decisions will not be open to appeal.

Monchique, 15th September 2018

Organised by

ACaminPor – Associação Caminhadas em Portugal